2 August 2022

RPK Hall of Fame

RPK - Hall of Fame

If you have passed four RPK modules (A, B, C and D) you will be officially registered as Registered Polymer Expert (RPK: RegisterPolymeerKundige). Since the introduction of the modular RPK-course in 1993, over 148 participants have obtained the RPK-title.

Hall of fame RPK July 2023. Chart of Polymer Experts in the Netherlands.

RPK course

Review - Mark Wesseling - Fokker 
Thank you for the kind words. It was an incredible journey that I started in September 2019. Being out of academia since my graduation in 1999, I was not really sure what to expect and whether I would be able to keep up with the the lecturers and my fellow participants in the field of polymer science. After slightly more than 3 years, I am proud that I have finished all 4 modules and to be part of the RPK Hall of Fame.I want to thank PTN - Polymer Technology Netherlands for their fantastic work by organizing and enabling this series of post-graduate courses in polymer science. My special thanks go out to the coordinators of the 4 modules for organizing and setting up very interesting programs that include very diverse topics in the field of polymer science. I also want to thank all the lecturers that have devoted their time by travelling to Utrecht from all over Europe (and the USA) to educate me and my fellow participants in their field of expertise. Lastly, I want to thank my fellow participants for the time well spent during the lectures, lunch / coffee breaks and commutes to and from Utrecht!! Until we meet again!!