2 August 2022

Coating Technology Hall of Fame

Coating Technology - Hall of Fame

If you have passed 3 Coating Technology modules (1, 2 and 3) you will be officially registered as 'Coating Technologist'. Since the introduction of the modular Coating Technology Training Programme in 1993, nearly 350 participants have obtained the Coating Technologist title.


Data will be updated as soon as new figures are available.

Coating Technology courses.

Review - Imane Ahkim -  Aurorium
This coating course offers a comprehensive theoretical foundation on various crucial topics related to coatings. It provides an excellent opportunity to connect and engage with fellow participants, companies, and knowledgeable lecturers. I highly recommend enrolling in this course when you already possess some background knowledge in coatings. The course is well-structured and effectively organized, ensuring a positive learning experience.