8 January 2024

Coating Technology


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During the past 50 years, the paint industry has made substantial progress from a traditional small company industry to a technologically sophisticated segment of the chemical branch. The driving forces behind this progress were the increasing demands made on coatings (for example, environmental, durability and functionality), and the fact that the required types of coating could not be developed efficiently by the experimental methods being used. The segment of the chemical industry concerned with producing coatings and raw materials for coatings is strongly represented in the Netherlands. This puts our country in an excellent position to acquire a permanent leading role in the field of development, production and application of coatings. The PTN (Polymer Technology Netherlands) foundation recognized this potential and also realized that a well-trained workforce was the pre-requisite for gaining and maintaining a strong industry position. That is why the PTN took the initiative in 1992, a unique Coating Technology training programme (CT) was established. The CT programme is based on a compilation of the knowledge and experience gained over the years, both in the paint industry and in the academic world. More than 975 participants have followed the programme since its conception 25 years ago. These participants came from over 170 different companies, SME's being increasingly represented. In total the PTN foundation has awarded almost 350 'Coating Technologist' certificates.
The CT programme is organized by PTG/e, who is working on assignment for PTN.

The post-graduate Coating Technology training programme
Is a master's level programme, given by specialists from the paint and coatings industry, and by university lecturers. The programme begins with an introduction to the elements of chemistry and physics that form an essential basis for coating technology. After this introduction, binder chemistry, film formation, paint formulation, paint preparation and paint properties are dealt with in detail. The programme is concluded with a module on present-day properties and applications.

TheĀ aim
The CT programme is to efficiently train R&D chemists, physicists and mechanical engineers who work on coatings, and want to advance and increase their knowledge of coatings. The programme is also recommended for participants who have followed a Higher Vocational Training (HBO), and have experience in coatings R&D. The emphasis of the programme is to broaden and deepen knowledge and/or to bring the participants up to date on new developments in the field of coatings. Acquiring specific knowledge and skills gives CT participants a better understanding of coating technology in general.

Please note, that all OCT trainings will take place on location and not online.
The module continues from 15 registrations.


Future Outlook
Coating Technology M1: 2024 (5 days in a row)
Coating Technology M2: 2024 (5 days in a row)
Coating Technology M3: 2024 (4 days in a row)