3 July 2019

RPK Module A

RPK MODULE A | Polymer Chemistry (6 ECTS) | 5 April until 21 June 2024 

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This module is intended for academic (PhD students, post-docs and lecturers) and industrial researchers working in the broader field of polymers, who are interested in the synthetic and molecular aspects of polymer materials.  Participation is open to anyone with at least a master's degree (or equivalent) in chemistry, chemical engineering, physics or a related subject. As pre-requisite, basic courses in polymer chemistry and polymer physics at the academic level are strongly recommended.
If you have any questions about the starting level for the RPK module, please contact the senior lecturers.
For more information about the participants from the last RPK-A Module, see here the pie graph.

The course covers synthetic and molecular aspects of a wide range of polymers and is of relevance for workers/researches in fields ranging from engineering plastics and coatings to biomedical and electronic applications.
Keywords: polymer synthesis, polymerization mechanisms, structural control, molecular analysis, molecular properties.


The course covers both basic and more advanced topics in polymer chemistry to address the interests of participants ranging from mechanical engineers to PhD students in polymer chemistry.  Teaching of the basics is intended to help the non-chemists to a rudimentary understanding of what is going on during a polymerization and to deepen the understanding for the chemists, so that they learn how to better control a polymerization or the molecular properties.  The more advanced topics cover the molecular aspects of advanced applications of polymers and provide a flavor of these applications to the non-chemist and more understanding for the chemists.


Prof. dr. Rint Sijbesma (TU/e)
Dr. ir. Hans Heuts (TU/e)
For more information:
Phone: +31 (0)40 751 7670
E-mail: rpk@ptn.nu
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The coordinators of Module A will provide information on the examination procedure during the course of the module. If you have any questions regarding the starting level for this RPK module, please contact the coordinators.
Please note, that all RPK courses will take place on location and not online.
The RPK-programme is organized by PTG/e. The RPK-programme is an initiative and under the auspices of PTN.