9 July 2019

RPK-C programme 2022

Programme for RPK-C is under construction.

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Topics & Lecturers

Introductory lectures on the mechanical and physical properties of polymers and the various methods to determine and quantify these properties:
Introduction Mechanical Properties
Dr.ir. L.C.A. van Breemen (TU/e)
Introduction Physical Properties
Prof.dr. S.J. Picken (TUD)

Lecture linking polymer architecture to polymer properties in general, as well as lecture on the use of polymers for solar energy harvesting:
High-performance Polymer Materials
Prof.dr. T.J. Dingemans (Chapel Hill, USA)
Polymers & Solar Energy
Prof.dr.ir. R.A.J. Janssen (TU/e)

Lecture on the long term properties of engineering polymers and a companion lecture on tuning the properties of semi-crystalline polymers in general:
Long-term Mechanical Properties
Prof.dr.ir. L.E. Govaert (TU/e - UT)
Properties of Semi-crystalline Materials
Prof.dr.ir. T.A. Tervoort (ETH Zürich - Switzerland)

Lectures on advanced high-modulus/high-strength fibres, each approaching the target of exceptional mechanical properties via different conceptual routes:
High Performance fibers
Dr.ir. T.A.P. Engels (TU/e - DSM)
Liquid Crystalline Solutions
Dr. H. Boerstoel (Teijin Aramid)

Lectures dealing with polymer membranes, focussing on their  processing, architecture and current and future applications. It is a big field, so again two lectures on this topic are foreseen.
From Polymer to Rubber – an introduction to the world of  elastomers
Dr. M. Viol (UT)
Membrane Technology & Applications
Prof.dr.ir. N.E. Benes (UT)

Lecture addresses the interaction between light and polymers, but now for photo – responsive polymers and OLEDs:
Polymers & Light
Prof.dr. D.J. Broer (TU/e)
Self-healing Polymers and other materials
Prof.dr.ir. S. van der Zwaag (TUD)

Lectures cover two important new fields:  The recycling of polymers, and molecular electronics:
Recycling Polymers
Dr. R.K. Bose & Prof.dr. F. Picchioni (RuG)
Molecular Electronics
Prof.dr. P. Blom (Max Planck Institute, Mainz - Germany)

Lecture dealing with polymers and energy storage, which is a relatively new field and with polymers for packaging, which is an older field but one of extreme importance given the huge volumes of material produced:
Polymers & Energy Storage
Dr. E.M. Kelder (TUD)
Multi-layer Extrusion
Dr.ir. J.G.P. Goossens (SABIC)

Lectures devoted to polymers for aircraft composites and bio-inspired polymer systems for a wide range of applications. Again combining established and new applications:
Aerospace Grade Composites
Prof. C. Dransfeld (TUD)
Bio-inspired Systems
Prof.dr. J. C.M. van Hest (TU/e)

Exam (open book) 1 - 4 pm
Re-sit exam (open book) 1 - 4 pm

Details of the programme are subject to change.

All lectures will be held at the NH Hotel in Utrecht, starting at 10.15 am, ending at 5 pm.
All lectures will be given in English.