9 July 2019

RPK-C programme 2020

Programme RPK-C 2020RPK course


10 January
Introductory lectures on the mechanical and physical properties of polymers and the various methods to determine and quantify these properties:
Introduction Mechanical Properties
Dr.ir. L.C.A. van Breemen (TU/e)
Introduction Physical Properties
Prof.dr. S.J. Picken (TUD)

17 January
Lecture linking polymer architecture to polymer properties in general as well as lecture on the use of polymers for solar energy harvesting:
High-performance Polymer Materials
Prof.dr. T.J. Dingemans (Chapel Hill, USA)
Polymers & Solar Energy
Prof.dr.ir. R.A.J. Janssen (TU/e)

24 January
Lecture on the long term properties of engineering polymers and a companion lecture on tuning the properties of semi-crystalline polymers in general:
Long-term Mechanical Properties
Prof.dr.ir. L.E. Govaert (TU/e - UT)
Properties of Semi-crystalline Materials
Prof.dr.ir. T.A. Tervoort (ETH Zürich - Switzerland)

31 January
Lectures on advanced high-modulus/high-strength fibres each approaching the target of exceptional mechanical properties via different conceptual routes:

High Performance fibers
Dr.ir. T.A.P. Engels (TU/e - DSM)
Liquid Crystalline Solutions
Dr. H. Boerstoel (Teijin Aramid)

07 February
Lectures dealing with polymer membranes, focussing on their  processing, architecture and current and future applications. It is a big field, so again two lectures on this topic are foreseen.
From Polymer to Rubber - an introduction to the world of  elastomers
Dr. M. Viol (UT)
Membrane Technology & Applications
Prof.dr.ir. N.E. Benes (UT)

14 February
Lecture addresses the interaction between light and polymers, but now for photo- responsive polymers and OLEDs:
Polymers & Light
Prof.dr. D.J. Broer (TU/e)
Self-healing Polymers and other materials
Prof.dr.ir. S. van der Zwaag (TUD)

21 February
Lectures cover two important new fields:  The recycling of polymers, and molecular electronics:
Recycling Polymers
Dr. R.K. Bose & Prof.dr. F. Picchioni (RuG)
Molecular Electronics
Prof.dr. P. Blom (Max Planck Institute, Mainz - Germany)

28 February
Lecture dealing with polymers and energy storage which is a relatively new field and with polymers for packaging, which is an older field but one of extreme importance given the huge volumes of material produced:
Polymers & Energy Storage
Dr. E.M. Kelder (TUD)
Multi-layer Extrusion
Dr.ir. J.G.P. Goossens (SABIC)

06 March
Lectures devoted to polymers for aircraft composites and bio-inspired polymer systems for wide range of applications. Again combining established and new applications:
Aerospace Grade Composites
Prof. C. Dransfeld (TUD)
Bio-inspired Systems
Prof.dr. J. C.M. van Hest (TU/e)

Exam (open book) 03 April (1-4 pm, Utrecht)  20 May (1 - 4 pm, via internet) 
Re-sit exam (open book) - 04 September (1 - 4 pm, via internet)

Details of the programme are subject to change.

All lectures will be held at the NH Hotel in Utrecht, starting at 10.15 am, ending at 5 pm.
All lectures will be given in English.