3 July 2019

CT Module 4


Module 4 Application & Characterization (3 ECTS)

Due to the latest Covid-19 developments, the board of PTN has decided that no Coating modules will be organised in 2021.
We hope to publish by the end of November 2021 the course activities in 2022.





The module covers the application and characterization of coatings and a broad range of related topics and comprises presentations, demonstrations and a workshop. The module ends with a case study. The following subjects are covered: the importance of correct application, types of substrate, preparation before application, methods of application, drying techniques and finalization. In addition, related topics such as rheology, atomization mechanisms, design of paint ranges, types of industrial paint processing, and aspects of modern paint-type application are covered.Finally the main goal of the last module of the CT training reviews current methods and techniques used to analyze and characterize paint raw materials as resins, cross linkers and pigments. The measurement of a number of typical paint and coating properties are presented. Sophisticated techniques as SEM/TEM and AFM are discussed and the applications of these techniques are illustrated. Special attention is paid to characteristics as corrosion, and chemical and physical properties. A separate part is the measurement and the physical and chemical aspects of the weathering of coatings. The use of High Throughput Experiments in coatings research and development is a new aspect in this module. The module is closed by a one day application workshop in which the participants can perform themselves spray and brush/roller applications.

The aim of the CT programme is to efficiently train R&D chemists, physicists and mechanical engineers who work on coatings, and want to advance and increase their knowledge of coatings. The programme is also recommended for participants who have followed a Higher Vocational Training (HBO), and have some years of experience in coatings R&D. The emphasis of the programme is to broaden and deepen knowledge and/or to bring the participants up to date on new developments in the field of coatings. Acquiring specific knowledge and skills gives CT participants a better understanding of coating technology in general.

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This module is concluded with a case study (not obligatory). After passing the exam (case study) successfully you will be awarded a Module 4 certificate.
After completing all four modules successfully, you will be awarded the 'Coating Technologist' certificate from the PTN.

Dates examination:
To be determined.

Dr. L.N.I.H. Nelissen
Eindhoven University of Technology


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